Viva Panini

Viva Panini Grill

Why Choose Us

Viva Grill


Patented and automated grill arms

PID controller for consistent modulated cooking​

Interchangeable cooking plates​

Multifunctional grill​

*Go from breakfast to lunch in a few seconds with the easily removable cooking plates ​

Customizable pressure setting to accommodate all menu​​

RTD- (resistance temperature device) for precision heat output and precision cooking​


Pressure sensitive plate; lifts automatically when finished — it keeps time so you don’t have to

Tight tolerances allows for even heat distribution; 4 RT Ds — one for each element. Yields the same results every time

Accommodates sandwiches up to 2-1/2″ high. Remains parallel ensuring uniform pressure for perfect grill marks

Flat, grooved or waffle cone; removable, easy to clean and service

Use the left or right plate, or both; customize each plate separately

Set up for your needs; versatile — change the program in seconds

Designed and manufactured in Vancouver, BC. One year warranty

Our grills know when to stop

Why? Simple: the Viva Grill stops cooking when you tell it to. And, with an arm that goes up when it’s ready, no more guessing — no more smoking grill! You can go make that double whip mocha latte or, get busy chatting with customers; the Viva won’t forget.

If you had to, you could use the grill all day long, two paninis at a time, and have the same results over and over: a perfectly grilled sandwich — crunchy on the outside and velvety melted cheese on the inside. That’s not even the best part. The Viva Grill is so easy to calibrate, anyone can do it, in minutes. What about that big 2-1/2″ sandwich a customer wants you to grill? No problem, it takes only seconds to re-program and, the parallel pivoting head applies exact pressure every time so you don’t have to. You may appreciate the Viva Grill even more when washing up. The plates are removable and made with an easy-to-clean non stick surface. Finally, we know down the road you may need to replace a plate. Just give us a call and we’ll send you a new one right away.


They are easy for baristas to handle and consistently deliver the product, no more relying on someone to set a timer… calibrating them is a simple two to three-minute procedure in the morning. Consistency, efficiency and low maintenance are the three key words to Viva Grill."
Coffee shop manager
Vancouver, BC
…your grills have been a big part of our success. The level of customer service and support we received reassured us that we had made the right choice in grilling equipment."
Owner, Melt Grilled Cheese Restaurants Ltd.,
Totonto, on
We get great feedback. It’s a unique product… …we have an open kitchen concept and people like to see the process of the grilled cheese being made. The fact that the machines are automated gives it a “wow” factor.
Owner, MLT DWN restaurants
Kingston, ON